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Just like every other establishment, a casino is a building that enhances gambling activities. It is seen as an amenity to gamblers where large sums of money are won or lost. The Casino is usually erected close to eye-catching, populated centers such as hotels, restaurant or other places of interest with the aim of maximizing the benefits of high population.


The origin of casino could be traced back to 1626 in Venice, though there’s no precise origin of gambling. The Casino was known as “the house” which encompasses all bets made by gamblers then.


  • The loser: These sets of people are victims of losing bets. They move around the facility without purpose.
  • The Ignoramus: These sets of individuals have no idea about the activities of a casino. They only come to have fun and tipsy.
  • The bouncer: These individuals are employed to maintain order and to deal with troublemakers in the casino. They usually have prodigious size and strength.
  • The Cooler Guy: A cooler guy is one who kills mojo – magic spell, luck or charm, when the table is hot. Gamblers usually leave the table for another at the arrival of the cool guy.
  • The Carefree Guy: This guy is not interested in the money he won or loss; his interest is to piss people off and to gain popularity. He talks about his past without being told.
  • The Drunk: A drunk in a casino is one who staggers after much intake of alcohol to comfort himself after losing bets. He often ends up asking people to take him to his bed.
  • The Cocktail Waitress: They are in every agen idn play; usually haggard in appearance. Their major duty is to serve mixed alcohol beverages, without desiring much communication from patrons who always grab their ass.

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  • Online Casino: Online casino is done with the support of computers or phones. Gambling and games are facilitated via technology. They can be played anywhere and anytime.
  • The Rugged Old Casino: These casinos are dishevelled but clever gamblers still patronize it.
  • Big Fancy Casino: They are large and the rules vary in such casino.
  • Dive Casino: These are low-key and quieter casinos that bring in some group of locals on a regular basis.


Table games: These games are played on a table. They include: roulette, baccarat, craps, and blackjack.

Non Table games: Non table games include:

  1. Gaming machine – pachinko, slot machine, video poker, and video lottery terminal.
  2. Random number – bingo and keno.

Author: Liam